Affectionately, Zu
Affectionately, Zu
Where the One who carried and bore my shame meets me and I follow

The heart behind the words


This is a space where you’ll read a lot about Jesus and how He has completely won my heart. Life looks distinctively different because Christ is my life, and I want to share praiseworthy, steady, confusing, heart dropping moments. You may wonder why…and I’m glad you asked; because God is vastly big. Bigger than our temporal ordinary lives and God intervenes and is involved in ways that shows that He’s for our good and His glory. I’d love nothing more than to draw our gaze to the maker of our souls, a Father who never leaves nor forsakes us.

There’s a little bit of everything in here for everyone. If you’re an expectant mom or already have a few of your own, this is a spot for you. Love to travel? I’ve lived across the country and been to amazing places I can give insight about. If reading stories about real people and their testimonies, this site is one of many that shares the hearts behind their experiences - and mine.

So thank you again for checking this out and I hope you enjoy every bit of it!