Affectionately, Zu
Affectionately, Zu
Where the One who carried and bore my shame meets me and I follow


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Life Happenings

Whether it’s words from my heart, thoughts on the climate of our culture, or other people’s recorded stories, this is a section for readers who love and appreciate transparency and real life issues. Oh yes, and can’t forget how the Gospel of Jesus Christ meets us in our daily lives personally, socially, politically, and globally.


This section is new for me, as this is my first year entering into motherhood. I’m so excited to share all that I learned in my first pregnancy, the emotions I experienced, the foods I chose to eat, products I wanted to buy, birthing choices, etc. This feature is very personal because I want to give out resources to women of color (like me) who don’t know as much as our counterparts and encourage you that you don’t have to have the finest things or have the picture perfect household to be a good mom. You are doing the best you can, and “where the latter is lacking, grace abounds all the more,” - Romans 5:20

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Whole Living

I’ve always been interested in “natural” remedies and good whole foods. I remember when I was looking up all kinds of foods and products that would help clear my skin up when I had sever hormonal acne. Even foods and products to help my curly textured hair flourish. I don’t eat perfectly, and sometimes I’ll give into synthetic body washes and creams, but I make it a priority to feed and nurture my body internally and externally. Read all about it here and the resources and products I use that may aid in what you’re looking for!